HDPE Mining pipe are applicable to under mine gas drainage, water supply and drainage, positive and negative pressure ventilation, shotcreting and other purposes. HDPE Mining pipe made of PE80/PE100, specification: dn32mm-1000mm. And the anti-static and flame retardant components are evenly distributed in the pipe body, so the anti-static and flame retardant properties will not be affected due to long service time. The anti-static and flame retardant properties meet the MT181-88 standard and are applicable to underground flammable and explosive places. The unit weight of PE material is only 1/7 of that of steel pipe, 1/2 of that of glass steel pipe, and the wear resistance is 5-6 times that of steel pipe; It has good resistance to rapid cracking, and the elongation at break can reach 300%. It is less affected by topographic settlement when installed underground. We can provide customers with all kinds of pipe fittings and joint parts. Mainly for distributor and customer in East Asia, North Asia, East Europe, the Middle East and Africa.