Septic Tank Price List Malaysia

Septic Tank Price List Malaysia
Septic Tank Price List Malaysia
Septic Tank Price List Malaysia
Septic Tank Price List Malaysia
Septic Tank Price List Malaysia
Septic Tank Price List Malaysia
SMC Septic Tank
Pressure Rating
0.8MPa, 1.0MPa,1.6MPa, 2.0MPa
Place of Origin
DB37/T 2792-2016
Service Life
Over 100 years
Payment items
Our factory will provide the most advantageous septic tank list for Malaysia market. A septic tank is an underground chamber made of concrete, fiberglass, or plastic through which domestic wastewater (sewage) flows for basic sewage treatment. Settling and anaerobic digestion processes reduce solids and organics, but the treatment efficiency is only moderate (referred to as "primary treatment").Septic tank systems are a type of simple onsite sewage facility. They can be used in areas that are not connected to a sewerage system, such as rural areas. The treated liquid effluent is commonly disposed in a septic drain field, which provides further treatment.

Our factory mainly produces septic tanks of two materials: pe/smc. We can produce septic tanks of different specifications and standards according to the needs of customers. Customers from many countries mostly inquire about PE septic tanks. A customer from Inner Mongolia planned to order a septic tank before, but considering the cold weather in the place, we recommended the customer SMC septic tank. SMC is much better than pe in low temperature cracking resistance, and does not need such a large wall thickness. Customers in the Malaysia do not need to consider the cold weather, but some customers in the Malaysia expressed that they want to buy a septic tank made of SMC because they consider the material of SMC The septic tank may be more durable, so we have made a parameter list and septic tank price list of the smc septic tank for customers. Customers Malaysia in need can refer to it appropriately. Please leave your contact information for the specific price, and we will give you an accurate quotation.

The price lsit is for reference only, please contact us for the specific price.

Effective volume(m³)                                                                              Specification(dn,mm*Length,mm)Price
2dn1250*2000Customized products(contact us for the specific price)
dn2000*8400*8400(in series)
dn2000*12600*12600(in series)
dn2000*16400*16400(in series)
dn2000*6400(four pcs)(in series)

We are a professional manufacturer of septic tanks, so in addition to the parameters and prices of septic tanks, we also answered some questions for customers. Due to the different regions, there will be differences in the solutions to some problems. Customers in need can refer to it. For example, a more professional customer in the Malaysia also asked about the layout of septic tank. Our professional staff has properly discussed this issue with the client.

Of course, the price list of septic tanks will also be discussed, which will help his choice.

At present, under the circumstances that most cities and towns are unable to concentrate on building sewage treatment plants, setting up septic tanks is generally an effective domestic sewage treatment method. For sporadic buildings in the built-up area, the setting of septic tanks is mainly a matter of selection; for residential building groups, the capacity of septic tanks is limited. There are multiple options for the arrangement of septic tanks. The main discussion here is how to arrange septic tanks in the building area. In order to achieve the same treatment effect, the economic investment and social benefits are optimal.

Regardless of whether it is in Malaysia or other countries, the role of septic tanks in solving environmental problems should be considered. If you are considering septic tank business, you can ask our experts for the latest septic tank price list.

Septic tank installation

Let's take the installation of a septic tank in a community as an example to analyze this problem.

Does it mean that as long as the terrain permits, the higher the concentration of septic tanks, the better? Through the following analysis, the answer is not difficult to come to.

(1) The larger the service scope of the septic tank, the area, volume and buried depth of the septic tank will increase a lot, which is not economically cost-effective, and the indicators will decline very slowly. For septic tanks larger than 100m³ There is no advantage over the 40-100m³ pool.Even if the price of the septic tank you purchase is crazy low, but there is no scientific and reasonable standardized layout of the septic tank, it will also cause a lot of losses. Consult us for professional advice.

(2) Residential building complexes are not necessarily built at one time, and are often “developed” group by group. For supporting use, it is appropriate to use groups as the service scope and centralized layout. The revised national standard map septic tank, the largest The effective volume is 100m³. If the per capita water consumption standard of the second-class residential area is 250L/d, the retention time of septic tank sewage is 12h, and the cleaning cycle is 180d. The number of people served is 769. The service range is 3-4h㎡, which is equivalent to a group. In many cities in Malaysia, this scale is not a small number, and the maintenance cost of septic tanks in the later period must be considered.

(3) Even for communities of the same scale, due to different topography, different architectural layout schemes of residential quarters, different urban drainage systems and other factors will affect the layout of septic tanks. For example, the impact of terrain: when the community is sloped or the natural slope is greater than 5‰, it is more beneficial to set up large-scale septic tanks for drainage along the slope. , when the natural slope is 35‰, a relatively scattered arrangement may be more appropriate. Another example is the impact of the building planning and layout of the community: when the neighborhoods are arranged freely and the roads in the group are mostly curved, it may be simpler to arrange the septic tanks in the corners of the buildings than to arrange the pipes in a centralized manner.

For another example, for small towns where the urban drainage system is a confluence of rain and sewage, the relatively dispersed arrangement of septic tanks will obviously save the cost of pipelines.

(4) In the south, because the climate is excessively warm, it is suitable for anaerobic digestion, and some small towns are willing to use "biogas septic tanks". This is a small sewage treatment structure that integrates sedimentation and anaerobic digestion and turns waste into treasure. Its sewage treatment degree is higher than that of ordinary septic tanks. Those villa areas (mountains, resorts, etc.) that are independent of the urban drainage system are also suitable for biogas septic tanks to treat sewage.

The above takes the community as an example to introduce the installation of septic tanks. Malaysia is a country with a large population and a densely populated community will have a great market demand for septic tanks. In such a country with huge market demand potential, the price list is not necessarily the most important in many cases. The profit margins of the installation project and maintenance of septic tanks are much greater than the cost of simple septic tank materials. We are a septic tank factory from China, and we offer the lowest price list. As long as you grasp the profit of the septic tank installation project and the profit of the later maintenance, your income will continue to flow.

  If you have customers from Malaysia or other countries who want to know more expertise, please leave us a message. If there are customers in Malaysia who want to consult the specific price list of septic tanks, please leave us a message.

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