2 HDPE Water Pipe Roll 1000' Specification

2 HDPE Water Pipe Roll 1000' Specification
2 HDPE Water Pipe Roll 1000' Specification
2 HDPE Water Pipe Roll 1000' Specification
2 HDPE Water Pipe Roll 1000' Specification
2 HDPE Water Pipe Roll 1000' Specification
2 HDPE Water Pipe Roll 1000' Specification
2 HDPE Water Pipe Roll 1000' Specification
HDPE Water Pipe
HDPE(High-density polyethylene)
Pressure Rating
0.6Mpa, 0.8MPa, 1.0MPa,1.25Mpa, 1.6MPa
Place of Origin
Blue, black with blue strips, other colors are also available upon request
Service Life
Over 50 years
From $0.1/meter
Payment items
2 hdpe water pipe roll 1000' has a variety of construction technologies. In addition to traditional excavation methods, they can also use a variety of new trenchless technologies such as pipe jacking, directional drilling, lining pipes, and split pipes. For some places where excavation is not allowed, it is the only choice, so HDPE pipes are more widely used.

2 hdpe water pipe roll 1000' has great advantages in use and itself, such as good hygienic performance, excellent corrosion resistance, long service life, good impact resistance, reliable connection performance, good construction performance, etc. As a professional manufacturer of 2 hdpe water pipe roll 1000', our factory can produce a variety of hdpe pipes with different parameters according to the needs of customers. In addition to professional production technology, we also have professional opinions on construction. Customers in need please refer to the following.

Specification PE80Specification PE100
32----3.0 40----3.7
110- 1254.86.0
2808.613.416.620.625.431512.115.0 18.723.228.6
3159.715.0 18.723.228.635513.616.921.126.132.2
56017.226.733.241.250.963024.130.0 37.446.357.2
63019.330.0 37.446.357.271027.233.942.152.2-
160049.0 76.294.1--

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Common faults and solutions for PE water supply pipe construction

PE pipe is a new type of water supply pipe produced by extrusion molding process with polyethylene resin as the main raw material. There are three connection methods: thermal fusion, electric fusion and mechanical connection. 2 hdpe water pipe roll 1000' has corrosion resistance, no scaling, good hydraulic conditions for water delivery, light weight, long service life (durable for 50 years), and good flexibility (the elongation at break reaches 500%, and it has strong adaptability to uneven settlement of the foundation) , good impact resistance and seismic performance. And the construction connection is simple, convenient and fast.

Compared with ductile iron pipes and steel pipes of the same diameter, PE pipes below dn300 are cost-effective. In recent years, the application of PE water supply pipes in water supply projects has grown rapidly, and has become the main material for water supply projects. However, 2 hdpe water pipe roll 1000' also has disadvantages such as low temperature resistance, exposure to sunlight, high longitudinal elongation of the pipe at high temperatures (close to 3%, more than ten times that of steel pipes), inability to locate metal detectors, high price of PE pipe fittings, and high maintenance costs after failure. Active measures should be taken in design and construction.


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Common faults and causes in construction and installation

Material management is not in place

(1) A newly installed 2 hdpe water pipe roll 1000' burst and leaked frequently after 3 months of water flow. After checking, the PE pipes and fittings were not supplied by the same manufacturer, and some batches were not produced by the same manufacturer in the same batch. The chemical properties were inconsistent, and there were many hot-melt joints. The bond is not strong.

(2) At a water supply pipeline renovation site, due to the rain, snow, freezing weather and the impact of the Spring Festival travel season, the PE pipes were delayed and all kinds of 2 hdpe water pipe roll 1000' in stock were urgently called for repairs. So the loss was heavy. Afterwards, it was found that the cause of the water leakage was the mixed use of PE pipes from different manufacturers.

(3) In autumn, a newly installed 2 hdpe water pipe roll 1000' burst longitudinally immediately after passing water. After investigation, PE pipes were stored in the open air, and after being exposed to high temperature in summer, they deteriorated and became brittle, with reduced performance and poor quality.

Improper piping installation

(1) Users of dn50 branch pipes newly installed with dn100 PE pipes in winter have no water during the day and low water pressure at night. Preliminary analysis concluded that the pipeline was leaking, but after repeated investigations and analysis, segmental excavation inspections failed to find out the cause. Finally, the pipe joint was sawed off, and it was found that the hot-melt joint was excessively welded to form a radial necking, the water passing area of the pipe was small, and the inside of the pipe was almost blocked, resulting in no water for a long time for the user. The pressure test records of this section of pipeline are completely qualified, and it is time-consuming and laborious to find the cause of the failure, which is difficult to find without flow analysis. Pay attention to the hot melting time of 2 hdpe water pipe roll 1000' in summer and winter. If the welding time is too long, it will easily form radial necking and affect the water flow.

(2) Water leaks after opening the tee with a cast iron fixture on a PE main pipe. After investigation, the shrinkage of the PE main pipe after cooling caused the dislocation of the attached fixture, and water leaked at the tee. It is not advisable to use cast iron clamps for the branch pipe of the 2 hdpe water pipe roll 1000' opening tee. It is recommended to use standard PE tee fittings and use electric fusion sleeves for connection.

(3) One and a half years after the installation of a certain dn200 PE pipe, water leaked from the bottom of the pipe. The reason for inspection after excavation was that the pipe base was not sanded, and the remaining flat iron and waste cast iron pipe fractures pierced the PE water supply pipe.

(4) A 2 hdpe water pipe roll 1000' passed through the sewage well from the inside of the casing, and it broke brittlely only 8 months after installation. After investigation, the reasons are: the sealing of the casing is not tight, and the domestic sewage with too high temperature soaks the PE pipe for a long time, resulting in the denaturation of the 2 hdpe water pipe roll 1000' and its brittle fracture.

(5) After excavation of a leaky pipeline, carefully observe that a little sand adheres to the hot-melt joint, causing water seepage in the pipeline joint. The installation of this section of 2 hdpe water pipe roll 1000' coincides with sand blowing weather, and the sewage on site is cross-flowing, and debris is easy to adhere to the joints of the hot-melt welded pipes.

(6) After the water meter was removed during maintenance of a certain 2 hdpe water pipe roll 1000', the pipes at both ends were dislocated and could not be installed. The reason for the inspection was that the concrete was poured from one side during the pouring of the pipe buttresses and town piers, which caused the pipes to be twisted and not concentric.

(7) When a water supply pipeline was opened with a tee, because the valve on the main pipeline was closed and the water was not strictly sealed, the welded electric fusion sleeve tee interface was wired to flow, and the welding seam had water seepage.

The above content is the common faults and causes in construction and installation. We have made a summary based on the domestic situation and customer consultation. Customers who need to buy 2 hdpe water pipe roll 1000' can leave us a message. If you want to refer to construction problems , please make selective reference according to the usage in your own region. If customers need more professional technical support, please leave us a message.


Strict management of construction materials

(1) Strict material procurement management, and prohibit unqualified products from entering the construction site. The specifications, quality and other indicators of PE pipes and fittings must meet the requirements of "Polyethylene Pipe (PE) Pipes for Water Supply" (GB/T 13663-2000) issued by the State Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision on November 21, 2000. Imported (Europe, South Korea, Southeast Asia, Middle East) polyethylene water supply pipe mixing special materials should be used first, and the use of "white plus black self-mixing" is strictly prohibited. The construction unit should cooperate with the owner, design, supervision and other units to check and accept the pipes and fittings in accordance with the requirements of the national standard, and the unqualified and unaccepted pipes are not allowed to enter the site.

(2) Pipes and fittings of the same brand, material and same SDR must be used for the same project. It is best to use the same batch of products from the same manufacturer to ensure consistent performance of pipes and fittings and reliable hot-melt connection. If it is really necessary to connect pipes and pipe fittings of different brands with similar performance, the connection quality should be determined through tests to fully meet the requirements before proceeding. The pipes and pipe fittings with different SDR values at the welding ends should not be butt welded, but should be connected by electrofusion socket connection or flange connection.

(3) Strengthen material construction site management. Especially when stacking and storing at the construction site, avoid PE pipes and pipe fittings from being damaged by high temperature exposure, immersion in ice water, rain and snow, or hot water or hot asphalt.

(4) Strengthen material planning management, stock materials should adhere to first-in-first-out, and PE pipes and fittings should not exceed one year from factory to installation to prevent denaturation and brittleness after storage for too long.

Measures to prevent longitudinal expansion and contraction of pipelines

(1) The pipeline foundation must use fine sand cushion and not less than 100 n'gn.

(2) Both sides of the pipeline and the top 500 mm must be backfilled and compacted, and the backfill compaction coefficient shall not be less than 95%.

(3) The pipeline should be laid in a serpentine shape in the pipe trench, with a slight bending arc, leaving a margin for expansion and contraction.

(4) Try not to set up a telescopic device or use a double-coil short tube instead of a telescopic device.

(5) When the pipeline buttresses and townships are made, both sides should be poured with concrete at one time.

(6) When installing in hot weather, the atmospheric temperature should be as low as possible from night to 8:00 in the morning, and the 2 hdpe water pipe roll 1000' should be backfilled after proper shrinkage and the final joint should be met, and it must be compacted in layers to prevent the pipe from thermal expansion and contraction. stress failure.

Strengthen management and quality control

(1) Sand blowing and wind blowing should be avoided at the hot-melt interface on the construction site. Hot-melt construction should be avoided during sandstorms, and hot-melt connections should be made in the production workshop to minimize the number of outdoor hot-melt connection interfaces. At the same time, the size of various pipe fittings with local complexity should be carefully measured, and the connection should be done in the workshop as much as possible, so as to avoid various construction obstacles in the pipe trench from affecting the quality of hot-melt connection and construction time.

(2) Strengthen construction quality self-inspection and on-site supervision, and strictly follow the "Technical Regulations for Buried Polyethylene Water Supply Pipeline Engineering" (CJJ 101-2004) and "Code for Construction and Acceptance of Water Supply and Drainage Pipeline Engineering" (GB50268--97) and acceptance. Strengthen the management of concealed projects and eliminate various hidden dangers in advance.

(3) About 300 mm above the top of the 2 hdpe water pipe roll 1000' should be covered with an obvious and eye-catching metal tracer line or warning tape, which is convenient for detection and positioning and alerts other units to consciously take preventive measures during construction and excavation. Strictly implement the quality management of the whole construction process and the construction responsibility investigation system and the technical regulations of pipeline engineering. After several rectifications of 2 hdpe water pipe roll 1000' leakage incidents, we believe that establishing and adhering to a strict, fair, just and open whole-process quality management and accident accountability system can effectively prevent and eliminate the recurrence of human-induced accidents and effectively reduce PE pipe leakage. In the case of failures in water supply projects, give full play to the advantages of PE pipes and speed up the popularization and use of PE pipes.

The above are the solutions to the common faults in the construction of PE water supply pipes. Some customers have asked similar questions and solutions before. Customers in need can refer to them by themselves. In order to let customers better understand the parameters of hdpe pipe , the table parameters are placed at the end of the article, and customers who need to customize products please leave us a message or send an email.

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