PP-R pipe for hot water supply China

PP-R pipe for hot water supply China
PP-R pipe for hot water supply China
PP-R pipe for hot water supply China
PP-R pipe for hot water supply China
PP-R pipe for hot water supply China
PP-R Water Pipe
Pressure Rating
S5, S4, S3.2, S2.5, S2
Place of Origin
16mm ~ 160mm
Grey, white, green
Service Life
Over 50 years
under 70 ℃
Payment items
PPR pipe is an economical and flexible household pipe china. There are many scenarios that can be used.Can be divided into hot water pipes and cold water pipes. Grey or white, for cold water is marked with blue stripes, for hot water is marked with red stripes. Other colors are also available upon request


What material is the PPR pipe?

PP (polypropylene) is a plastic raw material widely used in the industry at present, mainly divided into two types: homopolymer polypropylene (PP-H) and copolymer polypropylene (PP-B and PP-R).

PP-H: homopolymer polypropylene 

PP-B: impact copolymer polypropylene (formerly known as block copolymer polypropylene) Two heterophasic propylene copolymers formed from PP-H and/or PP-R with a rubber phase . 

PP-R: Random Copolymerization Polypropylene A random copolymer formed by copolymerizing propylene with another olefin monomer (or multiple olefin monomers), and the olefin monomer has no functional groups other than olefin. PPR is the third-generation polypropylene polymerization product, and it is also the origin of the name of the three-type random copolymer. As the third-generation polypropylene product, it has obvious superiority with the previous two generations. It is the most widely used water supply pipeline in home improvement projects.

In terms of comprehensive performance, PPR pipe is currently the most cost-effective pipe material, so it has become the first choice for home improvement water pipe transformation. There are mainly two colors of PPR tubes on the market, white and gray. Why is there such a difference? The dealer's answer is that the raw material PPR particles used are different. Generally, in the renovation of water and electricity, the original water pipes will be replaced. Home improvement companies and businesses recommend that decorators use PPR hot water pipes when installing PPR water pipes, even in places where cold water flows through PPR hot water pipes. Their argument is that because the technical parameters of PPR hot water pipes are higher than those of cold water pipes, and the price is not much different, hot water pipes are used for waterway reconstruction. Another fact is that even if you want to buy cold water pipes, it is difficult to buy them in the market, because cold water pipes only supply the tooling market and rarely supply the home improvement market.

We supply PPR pipe for hot water from China.

Advantages of PP-R water pipe in China

High Temperature Resistance: 

the maximum sustained working temperature is up to 70℃ , the maximum transient temperature is up to 95℃

Heat Preservation: 

low thermal conductivity which is only 1/1500 of brass pipe, and 1/250 of steel pipe


no heavy metal additives, no dirt, no secondary pollution caused by bacterium

Corrosion Resistance: 

resist chemical mediator corrosion and electron chemical corrosion

High Flow Capacity: 

smooth inner wall and low friction result in low flow resistance and high volume

We supply PPR pipe for hot water from China


How much temperture hot water can PPR hot water pipe bear?

PPR hot water pipe generally has a temperature tolerance of 95 ℃, which can reach 110 ℃ instantly. PPR cold water pipe can also supply hot water with a high temperature of more than 95 ℃.

PP-R water pipe is made of polypropylene material. The pressure resistance of the pipe can be known from the thickness of the pipe wall. The long-term service temperature of PP-R pipe is below 75 ℃, and the maximum instantaneous temperature is 95 ℃. Long term work at 75 degrees can be used for 3 years, and long-term work at 95 degrees can be used for 1000 hours.

Although PPR cold water pipe can bear the supply of hot water, because the pipe wall is relatively thin, it may be deformed when used in hot water system for a long time. PPR hot water pipe can also be used as cold water pipe in water supply system in china.

What are the advantages of PPR hot water pipe?

Quality control of raw materials for PPR pipes PPR is a random copolymer polypropylene synthesized by (PP and PE) gas phase method. Its structural feature is that PE molecules are irregularly linked in PP molecules, with molecular weights ranging from 300000 to 800000. The pipes produced with PPR raw materials are also called random copolymer polypropylene pipes. PPR pipe is resistant to high temperature and high pressure and is often used as home decoration pipe. With its excellent performance and wide application fields, it has occupied a place in the plastic pipe market and is recognized as a green environmental protection product.

Common PPR hot water pipe common specifications: Ф twenty × two point eight Ф twenty × three point four Ф twenty-five × three point five Ф twenty-five × four point two Ф thirty-two × 4.4 PPR pipe

Color: gray, white, green PP-R hot water pipe

PPR tube is the world's largest producer in China. Haili pipe industry is one of the largest PPR pipe supply control manufacturers in China. If you want to buy PPR hot water pipes, then we are your best choice.

Advantages of PPR Tubes and steel pipes

Compared with traditional cast iron pipes, galvanized steel pipes, cement pipes and other pipes, PPR pipes have the advantages of energy saving and material saving, environmental protection, light weight and high strength, corrosion resistance, smooth inner wall without scaling, easy construction and maintenance, and long service life. Widely used in building water supply and drainage, urban and rural water supply and drainage, urban gas, electricity and optical cable sheathing, industrial fluid transportation, agricultural irrigation and other construction, municipal, industrial and agricultural fields.

We are PPR pipe for hot water supply from China.

Physical properties of PPR pipes

Generally speaking, random PP copolymers have better flexibility and lower rigidity than PP homopolymers. They also retain moderate impact strength when temperatures drop to 32°F, and their usefulness is limited when temperatures drop to -4°F. Therefore, the PPR tube also has these properties.

The flexural modulus (secant modulus at 1% strain) of the copolymers is in the range of 483 to 1034 MPa, while that of the homopolymers is in the range of 1034 to 1379 MPa. The molecular weight of the PP copolymer material of the PPR pipe has less effect on the stiffness than that of the PP homopolymer. Notched Izod impact strengths are typically in the range of 0.8 to 1.4 ft.lb/in. We are PPR pipe for hot water supply from China.

Chemical properties of PPR pipe

Random PP copolymer of PPR pipe against acid. Strong resistance to the action of alkalis, alcohols, low-boiling hydrocarbon solvents and many organic chemicals. At room temperature, PP copolymers are substantially insoluble in most organic solvents. Also, when exposed to soap, soap lye. In aqueous reagents and alcohols, they do not suffer from environmental stress rupture damage like many other polymers.

When in contact with certain chemicals, especially liquid hydrocarbons. Chlorinated organics and strong oxidants can cause surface cracks or swelling. Non-polar compounds are generally more readily absorbed by polypropylene than polar compounds. Its molecules only have carbon and hydrogen elements, and there are no harmful and toxic elements. Therefore, the anti-corrosion safety of PPR pipe is very good.

We are PPR pipe for hot water supply from China.

PPR water pipe specification and size supply

Common water pipe specifications supply are: DN15 (4 pipes), DN20 (6 pipes), DN25 (1 inch pipe), DN32 (1 inch 2 pipes), DN40 (1 inch half pipe), DN50 (2 inch pipe), DN65 (2-inch half pipe), DN80 (3-inch pipe), DN100 (4-inch pipe), DN125 (5-inch pipe), DN150 (6-inch pipe), DN200 (8-inch pipe), DN250 (10-inch pipe), etc.

Common PPR water pipe specifications for home improvement

Counting from the ppr outer diameter specifications, common home improvement ppr specifications are: 20, 25, 32mm and other specifications. S3.2 and S2.5 hot water pipes, these two are household hot water pipes, there are PPR standard type and PPR antibacterial type, if they are used for heating, just use the standard type PPR.

S4 and S5 are hot and cold water pipes (PPR water pipes are divided into hot and cold water pipes, the thickness of the pipe wall is different, cold water pipes cannot be used as hot water pipes, the easy way to distinguish hot and cold water pipes is that there is a red line mark on the hot water pipe, now Many home decorations use all hot water pipes.). We are PPR pipe for hot water supply from China.

PPR hot water pipe diameter

20mm and 25mm PPR hot water pipes are mainly used in home decoration (commonly known as 4 in charge and 6 in charge respectively), of which 4 in charge is used more. Generally, 6 in-pipes are used for the general manager, and 4 in-pipes are used for the main pipes. We are PPR pipe for hot water supply from China.

PPR points cold and hot water pipe wall thickness

The diameter of the pipe is outer circle Size: 20 /25 /32 / 40 /50 /63/ 75 /90 /110 mm;

PPR cold water pipe 1.25Mpa wall thickness: 2.0/2.3/2.9/3.7/4.6/5.8/6.8/8.2/10 mm;

1.6 MpaPPR cold water pipe wall thickness: 2.3/2.8/3.6/4.5/5.6/7.1/8.4/10.1/12.3 mm;

2.0MpaPPR hot water pipe wall thickness: 2.8/3.5/4.4/5.5/6.9/8.6/10.3/12.3/15.1 mm.

We are PPR pipe for hot water supply from China.

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